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rapaid growth of our our capacitor industry

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    Capacitor industry with the development of electronic information industry and the popularity of home appliances, has been an unprecedented development, from the quantity, quality, service, to meet the needs of the development of electronic and household appliances, and led the relevant materials industry, equipment Industry, instrumentation industry, China has now become the world's largest capacitor manufacturing.

   From the sales point of view, capacitor production is mainly concentrated in Japan, mainland China and Taiwan of China, China has become the world's capacitor after Japan's major producing countries. In terms of quantity, since the reform and opening up, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan of China have shifted their capacitor manufacturing industry to mainland China. The world's electronic information machine manufacturing industry has set up factories in mainland China and multinational companies have procured in mainland China. Our country has become the world's Capacitor production power and consumer countries.


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