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How to purchase air conditioner capacitors?

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1. When purchasing a capacitor, first observe the appearance of the capacitor to see if it is deformed or cracked. If so, do not buy it. There must be quality problems.In addition, you should also pay attention to see if it is the same model as the previous one. Do not buy any model randomly, as this will damage the air conditioner.

2. Secondly, when you buy a capacitor, you also need to look at its capacity. The capacity of a capacitor will generally decay slowly with time or changes in the environment.If the capacitor capacity decreases to 20%, it will be difficult for the air conditioner to start.Therefore, we should choose a larger capacitor within the endurance range of the air conditioner, so as to ensure that the air conditioner can be used longer.

3. When purchasing air conditioner capacitors, try to buy products from well-known brands. After all, the quality of big brands is more guaranteed and the use of air conditioners is better.

4. There is another thing to note when buying capacitors. Many people think that small stores are much cheaper than regular physical stores, so they go directly to small stores to buy them. In fact, this is an unwise choice.Although the products in small stores are cheap, there is no guarantee of quality, and air conditioners are very important household appliances, so don’t be greedy for small gains.

5. Capacitors are very important for air conditioners, so when purchasing, you should carefully look at every detail, especially the packaging of the capacitors. Check whether the packaging is intact and whether it is squeezed to avoid buying a damaged product.

What is the function of air conditioner capacitors and how to buy air conditioner capacitors has been introduced here. I wonder if everyone understands it! The editor here would like to remind everyone that capacitors are very important accessories for air conditioners, so you should be very careful when purchasing. Buying a good quality capacitor can make the air conditioner last longer.


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