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Problems that may occur when using film capacitors

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一、 Improper selection of current within the range

      Improper selection of current within the range,the locations where more voltage is generated are the dc maintenance and simple harmonic oscillation parts.If the current value required by the essence is greater than the current value allowed to pass by the film capacitor, the film capacitor will be heated. Long term high temperature operation will cause the service life of the film capacitor to be greatly reduced, and in severe cases it may explode and catch fire.In the configuration test, it is possible to measure the actual required peak current through a dedicated current probe or other methods, and then adjust the parameters of the capacitor.The temperature rise of the film capacitor can be measured by configuring it in the power degradation test, and the suitability of the film capacitor can be determined based on the temperature rise allowable parameters of the film capacitor.

二、 Improper wire connection method

Improper wire connection method mainly occurs when multiple film capacitors are used in parallel circuits.Due to different wiring methods, routing intervals and other reasons, the current distribution of each parallel film capacitor in the electronic circuit is different.This is reflected in the fact that the temperature rise of each of the multiple film capacitors connected in parallel is different. The temperature rise of the film capacitors in some locations is too high, resulting in accidents of destruction.Therefore, it is necessary to properly wire and connect the film capacitors in parallel, and try to make them as evenly spaced as possible to extend the service life of the film capacitors.

三、 Voltage beyond the specified range

When the voltage exceeds the specified range, the most prominent aspect is the simple harmonic vibration part.Developers should make preliminary plans based on comprehensive consideration of parameters such as the configured power usage, input voltage, circuit topology, load permeability, and electronic circuit Q factor.After the prototype begins to meet the conditions, actually measure the peak value of the electric current on both sides of the film capacitor, series resonance and other parameters during the output power configuration to further determine whether the model and parameters of the film capacitor used are correct.


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