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Development status of distributed photovoltaic power generation in our country

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The contradiction of overcapacity in the photovoltaic industry has a long history.Our country's photovoltaic module production has ranked among the top for five consecutive years since 2007.In 2011, our country's photovoltaic module production was 10 times the newly installed capacity that year, and 90% of photovoltaic modules needed to be sold abroad.The risk of our country's photovoltaic industry being heavily dependent on foreign markets was fully exposed during the "double anti-dumping" campaign by Europe and the United States.In order to save our country's photovoltaic industry, a series of policies have been introduced this year to support the development of distributed photovoltaic power generation.In response to Chinese policies, China Grid Corporation issued relevant management measures for distributed photovoltaic power generation, laying a solid foundation for promoting the rapid development of distributed power generation.

Distributed photovoltaic power generation has shown explosive growth in the past three years.Our country began implementing concession bidding in 2009 to promote the construction of large-scale ground-based photovoltaic power stations.In the same year, the "Golden Sun" project and photovoltaic building demonstration project were launched, subsidies were given to distributed photovoltaic power generation systems, and the subsidy amount was determined according to the size of the investment.By the end of 2011, the scale of China's announced photovoltaic building demonstration projects was about 300000 kilowatts; the announced scale of the "Golden Sun" project was about 1.17 million kilowatts.Distributed photovoltaic power generation has grown explosively, but the standards and specifications for its planning, design, construction, management and operation are not sound, resulting in concentrated problems.

       The relevant plan announced by China proposes that distributed photovoltaic power generation will reach 10 million kilowatts by 2015.At the same time, it is clearly proposed to encourage the construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation systems integrated with buildings in the central and eastern regions.Therefore, distributed photovoltaic power generation is an important development direction in the future.


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