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How to effectively extend the life of CBB capacitors

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Method 1: Carefully control the starting voltage and the operating voltage of the parallel capacitor, and make sure they are within the allowable range.That is, the long-term operating voltage of the CBB capacitor cannot be greater than 10% of its nominal voltage value. If the operating start-up voltage is too high, the service life of the capacitor will be greatly shortened.As the operating voltage increases, the carrier loss of the CBB capacitor will increase, causing the capacitor temperature to rise.This accelerates the degradation of the capacitor insulation,causing the insulation inside the capacitor to age prematurely, break down and become damaged.In addition, under the influence of excessively high starting voltage, the insulating carrier inside the CBB capacitor will undergo local aging, so the higher the voltage, the faster the aging and the shorter the service life.

Method 2: Handle abnormal operating conditions on time.If you find abnormal conditions such as expansion of the CBB capacitor, the joint is hot, or there is serious oil leakage during operation, it must be taken out of operation.In case of serious accidents such as fire or explosion, turn off the power supply immediately for inspection. Only after understanding the cause of the accident and solving it, can you replace another BCC capacitor to continue operation.

    We basically need to strictly control the operating voltage, install over-current protection, control the operating temperature, increase the inspection time, and protect it to effectively prevent and increase the service life of CBB capacitors.


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