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Working principle of capacitor(II)

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     Now, let's assume that you connect the capacitor to the circuit as follows

     You have a battery, a light bulb and a capacitor. If the capacitor is very large, you will see that after the battery is connected, the current flows from the battery to the capacitor in order to charge it, and the light bulb will be lit. The bulb darkens, and finally, once the capacitor reaches its capacity, the bulb goes out immediately. You can then remove the battery and replace it with a piece of wire. The current will flow from one pole of the capacitor to the other. At this point, the light bulb will replay the light, but not long, and soon the light bulb gradually faded down. Finally, the capacitor is discharged (the number of electrons at the two ends of the capacitor is equal) and the bulb goes out again.


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