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What's a monolithic capacitor?

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Monolithic capacitors are nicknames for multilayer ceramic capacitors, also known as accumulative capacitors. Monolithic ceramic capacitor or multi-layer ceramic capacitor, or MLCC.


The disadvantage of the monolithic capacitor is that the temperature coefficient is very high, and the steady drift of the oscillator is unbearable.


Characteristics of monolithic capacitors:


Large capacity, small volume, high reliability, stable capacitance, high temperature and moisture resistance, etc.

Scope of application:

Widely used in electronic precision instruments. A variety of small electronic devices for resonance, coupling, filtering, bypass.

Monolithic capacitance capacity range:


Voltage tolerance: double rated voltage.

The monolithite, also called the multilayer ceramic capacitor, can be divided into two types: type 1.

Good performance, but small capacity, generally less than 0. 2U, the other is called.

Type II, large capacity, but general performance.



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