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What problems should we pay attention to in the use of varistors?

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1. In the situation that surge current is formed repeatedly, the principle that the maximum instantaneous value of surge current and surge energy can not exceed the characteristic of pulse duration after varistor.

2. The varistor is not close to the heating and combustible device. It is suggested that there should be a gap of not less than 3 mm to ensure that it works within the limited working temperature limit.

3. The working voltage of the varistor can not be higher than the maximum associated working voltage.

4. The method of protection should be chosen for varistor, which can avoid the harm of uncertain elements to varistor and assembly.

5. When the varistor is applied, it should avoid the direct mapping of sunlight and should not work outdoors or outdoors.

6. When the peak pulse is repeatedly applied to the varistor with a very short interrupt, the balance power is lower than the static power consumption.


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