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What is the difference between ceramic capacitor and Y capacitor?(I)

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Ceramic capacitors were extruded into circular tube and flat circle by high capacitance rate capacitor barium titanate ceramic. Silver plating was made on ceramic by baking method. It is also divided into high frequency porcelain and low frequency porcelain, two kinds. High-voltage ceramic capacitors used in high-power and high-voltage areas have high voltage resistances and good frequencies , which do not require safety regulation approval.


Ceramic capacitors have these characteristics: 1. Ceramic capacitors can withstand the decay of litmus and sodium salt, and have good resistance to corruption. 2.Because the dielectric material of capacitor is porcelain chip, it has excellent heat resistance function and is not easy to age 3. Good conductive resistance, can be made into high-voltage ceramic capacitors. 4. The capacitance rate of low frequency ceramic material is large, so the volume and capacity of low frequency ceramic capacitor are small and large.


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