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What is the Marking Method of Resistance?(II)

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Character symbol method.

For example: 3M3K 3M3 means 3.3M Ω. K indicates the allowable deviation is ±10.The allowable deviation and the correspondence between the letter and the letter the resistor (capacitor) deviation symbol symbol: allowable deviation±0.001, sign symbol: E, allowable deviation±0.1, sign symbol:B, allowable deviation: ±10,symbol:K.

permitted deviation:±0.002, sign symbol:Z, permitted deviation: ±0.2,sign symbol:C permitted deviation ±20, sign symbol:M

permitted deviation:±0.005,sign symbol:Y, permitted deviation:±0. 5, sign symbol:D, permitted deviation ±30, sign symbol:N.

permitted deviation:±0.01,sign symbol:H,permitted deviation:±1,sign symbol:F,permitted deviation-sign symbol -.

permitted deviation:±0.02,sign symbol:U,permitted deviation ±2, sign symbol:G ,permitted deviation-sign symbol -.

permitted deviation ±0.05, sign symbol:W,permitted deviation:±5,sign symbol:J permitted deviation-sign symbol -.


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