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What is capacitance of the monolithic capacitor 104

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Besides the common characteristics of capacitors,they are with such as small volume, large specific volume, long life, high reliability, suitable for surface installation, etc. With the rapid development of the electronic industry in the world, as the basic components of the electronic industry, monolithic capacitors are also developing at an astonishing speed, increasing by 10% and 15% each year.

The capacity units are: F, uf and pf. Normally we don't produce capacitor in F because the unit is too big. The conversion relationship between units is: 1F=1000000uf 1uf=1000000pf in use, its often to see the unit of: nf. 1uf=1000nf 1nf=1000pf.

For example, the capacitor is directly identified 0.47, it represents the capacitance is 47uf and the capacitor withstand voltage is 25v. And the mathematical counting method: the standard value is 104, and the capacitance is 10: 10X10000pf0. 1uf. If the scale is 473, it is 47X1000pf=0.047uf. The following 4 and 3 are for the power of 10. It is also like: 332n 33x100pfn 3300pf.

So what is the capacitance of the monolithic capacitor 104 that you can identify according to the identification method. The identification 104 represents the capacitance of 0.1 UF.


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