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What is Capacitor Voltage Test

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Voltage test refers to the test of voltage tolerance of various electrical devices, insulating materials and insulation structures. The process of applying high voltage to insulating material or structure without destroying the properties of insulating material is called voltage withstand test. Generally speaking, the main purpose of voltage test is to check the ability of insulation to withstand working voltage or overvoltage, and then to verify whether the insulation performance of product equipment meets the safety standard.

Capacitor voltage test:

Is to expose the capacitor product to a very bad electrical environment, and if the product can maintain normal conditions in this harsh electrical environment, It can be determined that a very normal situation can be maintained in a normal environment. In general, after product design, production, product maintenance and maintenance, it is necessary to do voltage tests to ensure that the product meets the safety standards in all aspects. Different products have different technical specifications, AC-DC voltage testing is basically a higher than the normal working voltage on the product test, this voltage must last for a specified period of time. If a component in the specified time, its leakage current is also maintained in the prescribed range, it can be determined that the part in normal conditions, it should be very safe. Good design and good selection of insulating materials can protect users from accidental shock.


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