What is CBB61

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CBB61 is a kind of CBB capacitor. CBB means polypropylene capacitor. 61 is its model. It is a starting and running capacitor commonly used for single-phase motors powered by ac mains power. We call it starting capacitor (Sometimes called capacitance).It is also used in electric water pumps, various AC fans, AC exhaust fans, and even motors such as washing machines and refrigerators. As a motor and its operating function, its rated voltage ranges from 200VAC to 660VAC, and its nominal capacitance ranges from 0.5uF to 14uF.

The dimensions also have different specifications in terms of length, width, and height to suit different occasions, as shown in the picture below, which is just a part of it.


The picture below shows a CBB61 capacitor. This type has leads, which means there are two wires leading out. This is for the convenience of installation on the product. The capacity is 1.2uF and the error is ±5% (capacity error: J--± 5%, K--±10%, M--±20%), the rated voltage is 450VAC, it can be used at 50/60HZ, 40/70/21 indicates the climate category, that is to say:40/70 means that the operating temperature range of the capacitor is between -40°---+70°, and 21 means that the constant humidity and heat test time is 21 days.This kind of capacitor is cheap, has very little loss, and has a good self-healing effect, so it has applications in many aspects.

CBB61-350VAC-4.5uF 6uF-5根线 (1) 


The picture below is a schematic diagram of a single-phase AC motor.


In addition to CBB61 capacitors, there are also specifications such as CBB13, CBB20, CBB21, and CBB81.


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