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What effect does capacitance of single phase motor play in AC Motor Capacitor

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Capacitance is used for phase separation so as to make current near 90phase differences between the two groups so as to generate rotating magnetic field.

In three phase electric currents, there is phase difference between each phase and no phase difference.

Single phase motors generally have two windings main windings and side windings.

Circuit string capacitance can make current backward voltage 90,single phase motor capacitor is generally connected in tandem on side winding.

Thus it can connect the current of the secondary winding with current of main winding 90phase difference so that there is rotation torque between stator and rotor motor can rotate.

Smaller capacitance may slow motor speed and solve problems by parallel capacitance. This capacitor is phase-splitting capacitor!

Rotor operation of AC motor is driven by alternating rotating magnetic field while alternating rotating magnetic field is generated by alternating current alternating current.

Single phase motor has only one phase electric, no difference, therefore cannot produce rotating magnetic field!

Motor rotor without starting distance!

After capacitor is connected with capacitor on another winding due to hysteresis of voltage and charging current at both ends of capacitance 90, so there is split phase current between original phase or 90ahead of time!

Alternating rotating magnetic fields!

Motor has startup distance!


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