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What Happens when the Gauge Y Capacitor Fails

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What is a gauge Y capacitor? What is the bad condition when the safety gauge Y capacitor is installed on the machine? will it cause the short circuit to occur? Will it fail? Will it cause a fire? Safety gauge Y capacitor is a series of safety capacitors, which is used in such cases that the capacitor fails, will not cause electric shock, do not endanger personal safety. It includes X capacitors and Y capacitors. X capacitor is the capacitor between the two lines of power line (L-N), and the metal thin film capacitor (Y) is connected to the two lines of the power line and the ground line respectively. The capacitor is usually formed in pairs. The limit value of Y capacitor based on leakage current should not be too large. The general X capacitor is UF stage Y capacitor is n F stage. X capacitor suppresses differential mode interference and Y capacitor suppresses common-mode interference.

Safety Y capacitors are manufactured and inspected in accordance with international standard IEC 60384-14, 100% qualified shipment. Its main structure consists of porcelain chip, electronic lead and epoxy resin.


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