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Voltage Test of Capacitor DC Power Supply

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There are two kinds of voltage test for capacitors: DC voltage test and AC voltage resistance test. so it is usually called DC voltage. For example, DC10KV is the DC voltage of 10000V.

The withstand voltage test of electronic products, also called HIPOT test, is a 100% processing test that is used to test the quality and electrical safety characteristics of capacitors and the specifications required by the major industrial international safety organizations. The same is true of the process safety tests that most people know and often carry out. The voltage withstand test of electronic products is clear that electronic insulation materials can block sudden high voltages a nondestructive test that is compatible with a high voltage test that is sufficient for all equipment to ensure insulation raw materials. The rest of the reason for implementing the HIPOT test is that it can detect defects such as insufficient potential distance and electrical intervals formed during the manufacturing process.

The advantage of DC voltage test is that the equipment to be tested has enough electricity and only the actual leakage current flows through. This enables the DC voltage tester to appear clearly the leakage current of the equipment to be tested. Because the charging current is temporary, the power condition of the DC voltage tester is generally allowed to be much smaller than that of the AC voltage tester used to test the same product. DC power withstand voltage tester will charge the capacitance, in essence, AC power supply withstand voltage, DC does not have an analog real environment.


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