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Use of capacitors

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There are many uses of capacitors, mainly as follows:

1. D. C: the function is to prevent the DC from passing through and to allow the AC to pass.

2.  Bypass (decoupling): provides a low impedance path for some shunt components in an AC circuit.

3.  Coupling: as a connection between two circuits, AC signals are allowed to pass through and transmit to the next level of the circuit

4. Filtering: this is very important for DIY, the capacitance on the graphics card is basically this role.

5. Temperature compensation: to improve the stability of the circuit by compensating for the influence of the other components' adaptability to the temperature.

6. Timing: the capacitor is used in conjunction with the resistor to determine the time constant of the circuit.

7. Tuning: the systematic tuning of frequency-related circuits, such as mobile phones, radios, and televisions.

8. Rectifier: a semi-closed conductor switch on or off at a predetermined time.

9. Energy storage: storage of electrical energy for release when necessary. Such as camera flash, heating equipment and so on. (some capacitors now store energy at levels close to those of lithium batteries, with a capacitor storing electricity that can be used for a single phone for a day.


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