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Types and Characteristics of Patch Capacitors(III)

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Z5U capacitor.

Z 5 U capacitors are called "universal" ceramic monolithic capacitors.The first thing to consider here is to use the temperature range, For Z 5 U capacitors, they are mainly small in size and low in cost.For the above three ceramic monolithic capacitors, Z5U capacitors have the maximum capacitance at the same volume.However, its capacity is greatly affected by the environment and working conditions. Its maximum aging rate can be reduced by 5% every 10 years.

Although its capacity is unstable, it has low and good frequency response due to its small volume, equivalent series inductor ESLs and equivalent series resistance ESRs. So that it has a wide range of applications.Especially in the application of decoupling circuit.The following table shows the range of values for the Z5 U capacitor.

Sealing DC=25V DC=50V.

0805 μ F -0.12 μ F 0.01 μ F -0.1 μ F.

1206 μ F -0.33 μ F 0.01 μ F -0.27 μ F.

1210 μ F -0.68 μ F 0.01 μ F -0.47 μ F.

2225 μ F-1 μ F 0.01 μ F-1 μ F.

Other technical indicators for Z5U capacitors are as follows:

Working temperature range of 10 ℃-+ 85 ℃.

Temperature characteristics + 22% --56%.

Maximum dielectric loss 4%


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