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Two methods to judge the quality of washing machine capacitor

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    There are two reasons for the damage of the capacitor in the washing machine: one is that the washing machine is in the wet environment for a long time so that the capacitor gets dampened and the capacity decreases; The other is that the voltage of the power network is too high, which makes the capacitor breakdown and damage. Capacitor damage or capacity decline, will bring washing, dehydration malfunction. There are two ways to determine whether a capacitor is damaged

    Method 1: connect the capacitor directly to the 220V power supply for 1-2 seconds (the time cannot be too long, otherwise it will damage the capacitor, let the capacitor charge, make its lead short, if there is a sudden strong spark. And there is a "pitching" sound, indicating that the capacitor is normal, such as only a very small spark, or a very slight "pitching" record, indicating that the capacitor capacity has been reduced; If there is no spark and no sound, the capacitor is also damaged. If your electrical appliances in the warranty period to Beijing Haier washing machine maintenance center free of charge to replace.

    Method two: multimeter detection. Using the pointer multimeter, the multimeter is placed in 1K Ω file, the two pens are connected with any two pins of the capacitor separately, the resistance value should be infinite, if the measured resistance value is zero or the pointer is swinging to the right. It indicates that the capacitor has been broken down or has a leakage and can no longer be used.


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