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Three major faults of capacitors

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一:There are certain limits on the temperature of the capacitor and its shell, but some reasons may cause the capacitor temperature to be too high:

① Due to the unreasonable design of the capacitor room, the ambient temperature of the capacitor room is too high;

②The density of capacitor arrangement is too high and the ventilation is poor;

③Overvoltage causes overcurrent in the capacitor;

④ Internal defects of the capacitor, increased loss after dielectric aging, increased heat generation, etc.

Solution: Stop the running capacitor, and then analyze the cause (the above four points are common causes) to find the corresponding solution.

二:Under normal circumstances, the capacitor will not make a loud sound when it is running, a bit like the buzzing sound of a bee when it comes to cauliflower.However, there are still some exceptions, mainly including:

①Discharge sound caused by the loose connection between the capacitor busbar and the conductive rod;

②Discharge sound caused by aging of internal components of the capacitor or overvoltage breakdown;

③Noise caused by the intrusion of high-order slope waves;

④The closing inrush current generated when the container group is put into operation will also cause the capacitor to emit an abnormal sound.

三:When the capacitor bank is protected by a fuse (a drop-out fuse must be used), a failure of the capacitor itself or the influence of external conditions such as overvoltage in the system will cause the fuse of the capacitor bank to blow.Once the capacitor fuse is blown, the three-phase current indication will be out of balance.

Solution: First find out the fuse phase and capacitor number, and then check.Check whether the appearance of the capacitor is bulging, whether there is oil leakage, whether there are traces of flashover discharge on the bushing, and then report the occurrence time, phase, capacitor number and observed phenomenon to the dispatcher, and everything will be executed according to the dispatch order.


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