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The use of capacitors(2)

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Bypass (decoupling): provides a low impedance path for some shunt elements in an AC circuit. In electronic circuits, decoupling capacitors and bypass capacitors play a role in anti-jamming, capacitance named differently according to different positions. On the same circuit, the bypass capacitor is to filter the high frequency noise in the input signal, and filter the high frequency clutter carried by the front stage, and the decoupling capacitor, also called decoupling capacitance. It is to filter out the interference of the output signal. We can often see that the decoupling capacitor is connected between the power supply and the ground, which has three functions: first, as the storage capacitor of the integrated circuit; The second is to filter out the high frequency noise generated by the device and cut off its transmission path through the power supply circuit; The third is to prevent the noise carried by the power supply from interfering with the circuit.


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