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The reason of reducing CBB Capacitance capacity and Voltage Resistance

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As a result of the failure of the CBB capacitor, the capacity is reduced and the voltage is reduced as follows:

1) the capacitance seal is not enough, the water vapor enters causes the oxidation, the pressure reduces.

2) when the current is too large and the voltage is too high for a long time, the internal discharge self-healing results in the decrease of the capacity.

3) the evaporation of the metal coating results in the decrease of the capacity of the metal coating.

The solutions are as follows:

1) purchase famous brand capacitance, the quality is guaranteed!

2) use as high specifications as possible, such as the safety capacitance X2 is generally nominal 275VAC, but in fact, the instant test 1KV can bear, the quality is very good, in the capacitor, the Anchorage capacitance is very beautiful, whether it is high voltage test or physical decomposition.

3) parallel reasonable varistor to prevent impulse voltage overvoltage, it is said that this method is more effective, conditions to reduce the instantaneous current, generally within the allowable range, series resistor.


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