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The principle of frequency divider

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In terms of the circuit structure, the frequency divider is essentially a LC filter network composed of capacitors and inductor coils, and the high tone channel is a high pass filter, which only allows the high-frequency signal to pass through and blocks the low-frequency signal. The bass channel, on the other hand, only allows the bass to pass through and blocks the high frequency signal; The middle channel is a band-pass filter, except that the frequency between two frequency points can pass through one lower, one higher, and the high frequency and low frequency components will be blocked. In the actual frequency divider, in order to balance the sensitivity difference between the high and low tone units, the attenuating resistance should be added. In addition, some frequency dividers also add impedance compensation network composed of resistors and capacitors, the purpose of which is to make the impedance curve of the loudspeaker flatter, so as to facilitate the drive of the power amplifier.


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