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The press cannot start due to insufficient torque after capacitive loss

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        After capacitive loss of capacity, the compressor cannot start because of insufficient torque. At this time, the current can generally reach 30 A or more, the current of the clamping cylinder will also reach this peak value, or even higher. At such a high current, the average household power line is not able to last for a long time. (Electricity safety accidents such as fire caused by an overload of the power line). If the power supply for a long time will also cause the short circuit of the inner coil or the open circuit of the compressor, so the air conditioner has overcurrent detection circuit to detect the overcurrent when the current is too large. The power supply is completely cut off (Some brands of air conditioners only cut off press power). In general, the power supply is repeated three times and the machine will not operate normally. The machine will stop the power supply completely and report the trouble to repair. By the way, it is recommended to replace the general control board after some air conditioning inner machine control board is damaged in summer. The home does not try to replace this kind of control board because of this kind of control board with false cheap castrate the safety protection circuit such as the over-current detection over-voltage protection and so on easy to cause the safety accident.


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