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The function of Electrolytic Capacitor in Circuit

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1. Filtering, in the power supply circuit, the rectifier circuit changes the AC into pulsating DC, and after the rectifier circuit, a large capacity electrolytic capacitor is connected, and the charge-discharge characteristics are utilized. The pulsating DC voltage after rectifying is changed into a relatively stable DC voltage. In practice, in order to prevent various parts of the circuit from changing due to load changes, Therefore, the output of the power supply and the input of the load are generally connected with electrolytic capacitors of tens to hundreds of micrometers. Because the large capacity electrolytic capacitors generally have a certain inductance, they can not effectively filter out the high frequency and pulse interference signals. Therefore, a capacitor with capacity of 0.001--0.lpF is connected at both ends to filter out high frequency and pulse interference.

2. Coupling: in the process of transmitting and amplifying low frequency signals, in order to prevent the static working points of the front and rear circuits from interacting with each other, the capacitors are often used to prevent the loss of the low frequency components in the signals. Generally, electrolytic capacitors with large capacity are always used.


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