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The difference between the conventional Capacitor and the Ambient Capacitor

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Safety capacitor needs to pass a lot of testing and inspection approval, the main difference is that the surface is coated with plastic shell, terpolymer materials have tetraphenylboric acid materials, flame retardant results may be better, in the raw material position analysis is no different! Again, the safety capacitor is mainly used to suppress disturbance, divided into two X ,Y models. X capacitor is used to suppress differential mode interference, which is usually connected with L and N in four stages. The voltage resistance varies from stage to stage. Failure does not cause harm to the human body.

Safety capacitor refers to specific kind of capacitor, that is, after the capacitor failure, it will not cause electric shock, do not endanger personal safety. Maximum electrical peak voltage available in the use of the safety grade of a gauge capacitor, Over-voltage grade X12.5kV ≤ 4.0kV Ⅲ X2 ≤ 2.5kV Ⅱ X3 ≤ 1.2kV-safety grade insulation category in voltage field Y1 double insulation or enhanced insulation ≥ 250V. Y2 basic insulation or additional insulation ≥ 150V ≤ 250V Y3 basic insulation or incidental insulation ≥ 150V ≤ 250V Y4 basic insulation or with insulation failure form 150V Anchorage capacitor is open circuit so it is safe, usually short circuit.

Y capacitor is used to control common-mode disturbance. Usually there are leakage current of semiconductor components, power leakage current, capacitance leakage current and filter leakage current. The circuit is usually cheaper ceramic capacitors, its disadvantage is the huge leakage current. The cost of making Y capacitor with plastic film capacitor is high, the advantage is that leakage current is smaller than ceramic capacitor.


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