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The basic principle of Voltage Test

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    Adding a voltage higher than normal to the insulator of the device under test for a specified period of time, if the insulation is good enough, the voltage added on it will produce only a small leakage current. If an insulator of a tested device is within a specified time and its leakage current is maintained within a specified range, it can be determined that the device under test can operate safely under normal operating conditions. When carrying out the voltage test, the technical specification is different, the measurement standard is also different. For the general equipment under test, the voltage resistance test is to measure the leakage current between the fire line and the housing. The basic rule is that the working voltage of twice the measured object is added with 1000V as the standard voltage for the test. The test voltage of some products may be higher than this specified value. According to the IEC61010, The test voltage must rise gradually within 5 seconds to the required test voltage (E. g., 5 kV et al.) to ensure that the test voltage is stably applied to the tested insulator for not less than 5 s, and the leakage current value of the measured circuit and the leakage specified in the standard are obtained. Compared with the current threshold, It is possible to judge whether the insulation performance of the product under test conforms to the standard or not. After the test, the test voltage must be gradually reduced to zero within the specified time.

    Voltage resistance testing is a test of the voltage tolerance of various electrical devices, insulating materials and insulation structures. The voltage withstand test of capacitors is to expose the product to very bad electrical conditions, If the product can maintain a normal condition in such a harsh electrical environment, it can be determined that the product can also maintain a very normal condition in a normal environment.


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