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The Scheme of raising the hit ratio of Capacitor capacity of thin Film Capacitor

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How to improve the hit ratio of thin film capacitor capacity, I believe many people do not care about this problem, but this method has improved its use value, we might as well learn. It is clear that the central value of the winding capacity is also called the compensation system error value. It is necessary to classify the change rate of the capacity of the process such as high, low temperature pressure, heat treatment and processing packaging into the capacity compensation system error value of the stack. Different models, different specifications and even different winding machine compensation system error values are also different.

In the winding process, the capacity and height of the stack are measured at random in time, which limits the separation of the capacitance. Random tests flatten the stacking capacity after shaping, resulting in a shift to quickly adjust the winding center value. Track the capacity dispersion of finished product and find that it is beyond the standard of product to respond in time to adjust the error of capacity compensation system. The order of capacity conversion and the corresponding methods in the storage of finished products.

After adding product packaging for a short period of time to test, the final product stored for a period of time, the capacity will be converted, resulting in excess capacity, metal film capacitors are more obvious, usually to the positive deviation. The disposal methods are as follows: after encapsulation the film capacitor carries on the heat treatment again. After encapsulation, the test will be carried out one week later. In accordance with the conversion sequence in the test limit deviation values, such as metal film capacitors in the positive error clamping, negative error relaxation.


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