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Test the air conditioning capacitor

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Air conditioning capacitors

The first is to turn on the air conditioning test, work, see the air conditioning is not reported fault code and test the effectiveness of the work of air conditioning.

Then find the outdoor unit air conditioner, connected to the pressure gauge, check the air conditioning is not lack of fluoride, the normal air conditioning pressure is usually maintained at 3-5. According to the value of pressure gauge air conditioning does not lack of fluoride.

The last is to check the air conditioning lines have no wear and tear and other parts are not damaged, the most important thing is to check the air conditioner compressor and capacitor. Compressor capacitors are mainly used in air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers, and other electrical appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, floor waxing machines, etc., also have such capacitors; only the motor power is not the same, the capacity of different sizes; capacitor phasing effect, Imitation of the rotating magnetic field occurs, so that the motor starts and the effect of work.

So how to check and determine whether the capacitor is broken, the user can think from the following aspects:

1. If the compressor does not start.

2 if the capacitor is broken, are swollen drums, it must be broken.

3. The above capacitance has a value! Capacitance meter can measure the value is reduced or invalid.


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