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Tantalum Capacitor Introduction(IV)

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The marking method of capacitors.

Direct marking: use letters and numbers to mark models and specifications directly on the housing.

Character symbol method: a regular combination of numbers and characters to express capacity. A unit of electrical capacity: P, N, u, m, F, etc. Is represented in the same way as the resistance. Nominal allowable deviations are also represented in the same way as resistors. When the capacitance is smaller than 10pF, the allowable deviation is replaced by the letter: B- ±0.1pFC- ±0.2pFN D- ±0.5pFNF- ±1pF.

Color-coded method: the same as the resistance, generally in PF. The voltages of small electrolytic capacitors are also colorimetric and are located near the root of the positive elicitation line, indicating the meaning shown in the following table:

Black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

Withstand voltage 4V 6.3V 10V 16V 25V 32V 40V 50V 63V.

Marking method for imported capacitors: there are generally six components of imported capacitors.

Item 1: alphabetical representation of categories:

The second item: Use two digits to indicate its shape, structure, package method, lead start and relationship with the axis.

Item 3: The temperature characteristics of the temperature compensation capacitor are useful for letters and colors. The meanings are as follows:

Ordinal letter color temperature coefficient allowable deviation letter color temperature coefficient allowable deviation.

1 A + 100 R yellow -220.

2 B gray +30 S green -330.

3 C Black 0 T Blue -470.

4G ±30U purple -750.

5H brown -30 ±60 V -1000.

6 Jan 120 -1500.

7 K ±250 X -2200.

8L red -80 ±500Y -3300.

9 M ±1000 Z -4700.

10 N ±2500 SL +350~-1000.

11 P Orange -150 YN -800~-5800.

Remark: The unit of temperature coefficient is 10e -6/°C; the allowable deviation is %.

Item 4: Withstand the pressure with numbers and letters, the letter represents a valid number, and the number represents a power of 10 of the multiplicand.

. When there are decimals, they are represented by R or P. The unit of ordinary capacitor is pF, and the unit of electrolytic capacitor is uF.

Item 6: Permissible deviations. With a single letter, the meaning is the same as that of domestic capacitors.

It is also useful for color labeling, meaning the same as the symbol for domestic capacitors.

For imports, take 477 A71N13 as an example, and the bottom six positions correspond to the above six items respectively.


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