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Tantalum Capacitor Introduction (II)

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The reason for why tantalum Capacitor filter is superb.

Tantalum capacitors have excellent performance. They are small volume capacitors and with large capacitance. Tantalum capacitors are very convenient for larger capacitance. There are few competitors in power filter, AC bypass and so on.

Tantalum electrolytic capacitors are mainly used in filtering, energy storage and conversion, token bypass, coupling and decoupling, and time constant components. In application, attention should be paid to the characteristics of its performance, and the correct use will help to give full play to its functions, such as considering the working environment of the product and its heating temperature, and taking measures such as reducing the amount of use. If it is not used properly, the working life of the product will be affected.

Solid tantalum capacitors have excellent electrical properties, wide range of operating temperature, various forms and excellent volume efficiency. The working medium of tantalum capacitors is a thin tantalum oxide film formed on the surface of tantalum metal. This layer of oxide film dielectric and the composition of the capacitor at one end of the pole into a whole, can not exist alone. As a result, the capacitance per unit volume is particularly large. That is, the specific capacitance is very large, so it is particularly suitable for miniaturization. This unique self-healing performance ensures its long life and reliability advantages.


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