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Talking About the Special Treatment of HV Capacitor after Machining

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The high voltage capacitor must carry on the special treatment such as hot pressing and deburring and so on. Hot pressing is to ensure the flatness of the polar plate and eliminate the stress. Deburring is to remove and polish the edge of the electrode and to make the edge of the arc as much as possible in order to improve the insulation strength of the capacitor.

In the process of the growth of oxide film of capacitor, the ion transfer directional moving plate group is formed by fixing a set of moving plates with a certain shape at equal distances on the moving plate shaft (that is, the rotating axis). The outermost part of the high voltage capacitor moving film group is generally the slot sheet (or flower piece). There are riveted fixed, but also spacer fitting and so on.

The change of the capacity of the variable high voltage capacitor is achieved by changing the relative position of the pole piece. Fixed fixed pole is called fixed plate, movable pole is called moving plate, the material used in moving and fixing sheet must have good electrical conductivity, in order to reduce the loss caused by series resistance, there should also be sufficient mechanical strength and accurate thickness tolerance.


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