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Structure and details of thin Film Capacitor

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1) the main circuit of the core adopts the technological structure of copper strip bypass, the thickness of the copper strip is guaranteed, the overcurrent ability of the main loop is strong, and the temperature rise of the copper strip is low. The installation operation is simple, convenient, fast, efficient, and greatly reduces the error rate.

2) only two copper strips are needed in the main circuit of metallized thin film capacitor, instead of a large piece of PCB in the product material cost

3) the main circuit is separated from the driving control part and the strong / weak electricity is separated. Reducing the interference of the main resonant circuit to the driving part of the chip. It is convenient for the after-sale maintenance of the product, and the components can be used again, thus reducing the maintenance cost.

4) because the capacitors are encapsulated in module form, the aluminum shell can be used to dissipate heat, and the machine core can be completely sealed. It solves the problems of oil fume, water vapor, cockroach, metal dust and so on, and improves the reliability and service life of the product.

5) the metallized thin film capacitor is changed from multiple discrete shunt to single module, which solves the problem of over-current average and uneven voltage, shortens the line distance of main circuit, and reduces the influence of line distribution inductance on power components.


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