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Specification for ceramic chip capacitors

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      Specification 1: 1000V-6000 V high frequency ceramic chip capacitance


    The high frequency ceramic chip capacitor is mainly used in the high stable oscillation circuit, so its stability requirement is relatively high, such as more common coupling capacitance and high voltage bypass will choose to use high frequency ceramic chip capacitance. The main advantage is the ability to withstand high temperature and wear resistance is relatively strong, such as daily life on the common television receiver will use high-voltage ceramic chip capacitance.


      Specification 2: frequency lower than 50V ceramic chip capacitance


      Low frequency ceramic chip capacitance is mainly used in some low frequency circuit, in this type of circuit, the capacitance stability and loss are not very high requirements. Especially in some of the more powerful pulse circuit is not to use low-frequency ceramic chip capacitance, otherwise it is likely to be directly breakdown by the voltage.


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