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Solving measures of Electric Harmonic Hazard(2)

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Related Standards for Harmonic Control


Frequency converter harmonic control should pay attention to the following several standards, anti-jamming standards: EN50082-1, -2,EN61800-3: radiation standard: EN5008l-1, -2,EN61800-3. Especially IECl0003, IECl800-3(EN61800-3), IEC555(EN60555) and IEEE519-1992.

General anti-jamming standards EN50081 and EN50082 and EN61800 (1ECl800-3)for converter regulate the level of radiation and anti-jamming when the equipment is running in different environments. The above standard defines the acceptable level of radiation under different environmental conditions: class L, with no radiation limitation. The utility model is suitable for users who use the frequency converter in an undisturbed environment and those who handle their own radiation restrictions. Class H, according to the limitations determined by the EN61800-3, the first environment: the restricted distribution, and the second environment. As an optional RFI filter, the configuration of RFI filter enables the converter to reach a commercial level, usually used in a non-industrial environment.


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