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Shunt control switching capacitor.

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        Taking the power factor and voltage of the capacitor installation as the switching control basis, the capacitor operation area of the reactive power compensator can always be kept in the stable overvoltage range of 1.1 times. When the capacitor is put into operation, the power factor is lower than the design requirement and the voltage is lower than the upper limit, or the voltage is lower than the lower limit and the power factor is less than 1; When the capacitor is removed from operation, the power factor is higher than 1 or the voltage is higher than the upper limit. The upper limit of general voltage is 1. 05 times of rated voltage, and the lower limit of voltage is 0. 9 times of rated voltage

Recently, the author tested 320 sets of reactive power compensation capacitors on the low voltage side of public transformers installed in 2002 in the area. The data show that the power factor is between 0.91V and 0.99, the maximum operating voltage is 419V, and the static capacitance of the capacitor decreases by 1.2% per year. It has been proved that the compensation effect of reactive power and the operation voltage of the stable capacitor are good by using the power factor and voltage in parallel control switching mode.


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