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Selection of Ceramic Chip Capacitance and matters needing attention(4)

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3. Although the voltage tolerance of ceramic chip capacitor is larger than that of thin film capacitor and electrolytic capacitor, it is not allowed to be used in voltage over the rated .

Otherwise, because the metal ions in the electrode move faster in the ceramic medium under the effect of the strong electric field, the insulation resistance of the capacitor will decrease, which will affect the reliability of the whole machine for a long time.

4. For capacitors working under high temperature and high pressure, the products with high insulation resistance should be selected in order to prevent the capacitors from failure due to the vicious circle caused by the increase of leakage.

In general, the insulation resistance IR is more than 10000M Ω.

For example: in position where the CRT accelerates to filter it’s better to choose 2KV voltage and low loss products to reduce temperature rise and ensure adequate insulation resistance;

For the line reverse circuit, because of the high capacity stability and loss requirements, only one type of high voltage ceramic capacitor can be used as the capacity compensation capacitor of polypropylene capacitor, otherwise it will cause serious quality trouble.











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