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Selection of Ceramic Chip Capacitance and matters needing attention(1)

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Ceramic chip capacitor is a kind of capacitor which is made of ceramic material and coated with a layer of metal film and then sintered at high temperature as an electrode. Usually used in high stability oscillation circuit, as a circuit, bypass capacitor and pad capacitor, it can be divided into high voltage ceramic chip capacitor and low voltage ceramic chip capacitor. Ceramic chip capacitance is mainly designed for high frequency,it depends on the situation to chose high voltage ceramic chip capacitance or not,functioning as a typical role can eliminate high frequency interference.

The advantages of a ceramic chip capacitor:

1. Capacity loss has high stability with temperature and frequency. 

2. The special series structure is suitable for the operational reliability of high voltage pole in a long term .

3. High current climbing rate is suitable for large current loop structure without inductance.


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