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Replacement principle for capacitors(2)

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    Substitution principle of Electrolytic Capacitor.

    When replacing electrolytic capacitors, the same type of capacitors should be used as far as possible, if the same type of electrolytic capacitors cannot be found. Note that the capacitance and voltage values of the selected electrolytic capacitors are consistent with those of the original filter capacitors.

    In addition to the above points, the replacement of electrolytic capacitors should also pay attention to the selection of high temperature resistance electrolytic capacitors. In some filter networks, the capacitance of electrolytic capacitors is also required to be very accurate, and the error should be less than ±0.3- ±0.5%. The capacitance of frequency division circuit, s correction circuit, oscillating circuit and delay circuit should be consistent with the calculation requirement as far as possible, and the high humidity resistance electrolytic capacitor should be chosen as far as possible.


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