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Relationship between Capacitor and Sound(I)

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    The LC network composed of capacitors and inductors L) is used for the frequency division line power amplifier power amplifier to pass through the LC network, and it will be based on the designed frequency division point and sound path. Separate high and low frequencies to different loudspeakers (e.g. TWEETER, MID-RANGE, WOFFER, SUB-WOOFER..)

     LC network according to the design of various engineers, from the simplest 2WAY) high / low, universal three-tone 3WAY) high / medium / low, advanced four-tone 4 WAY) high / medium / low or super high / high / medium / low / low, low / low or super high / high / medium / low low / low / low or super high / high / medium / low low / low / low / low / low / low / low / low / low / low / low / low / low / low / low / low / low. To the top 5 WAY) high / high / medium / low / low / bass, or even more.

The circuit of LC network is also designed by the engineers of each plant. Each channel has a basic capacitance, one inductor, two capacitors, two inductors, and several capacitors and several inductors.

Because the phase retrogression of the signal through the capacitor is 90 degrees (false capacitance is lossless-it is virtually impossible to do so, and the signal passes through the inductor by 90 degrees phase forward, it is assumed that the phase of the signal is restored to the original phase, Normally, each sound path of a complete frequency division line must use the same number of capacitors and inductors. (of course, there are those who insist on using different numbers as the signal phase difference.)

Because all sounds, from power amplifiers to loudspeakers, pass through the LC network (unless they are of a spring type), the importance of these two components to sound cannot be ignored, and it is not too important to say that they are as important as a single speaker or speaker.


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