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Prospects for future development of thin film capacitors

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Some characteristics of thin film capacitors include non-polarity, good performance, high working frequency, and low material loss. And the thin film capacitor product is smaller, the same working rate of the capacitance, the film capacitance shape than the electrolytic capacitance volume is half. However, the cost of membrane capacitors is higher, so the price will also be higher. According to the data, the mainland film capacitor market sales have reached 6.5 billion yuan, the past five years compound growth rate of 10%. 1. With the popularization of related consumer electronics and household appliances, as well as the promotion of green environmental protection, the use of new energy and other obvious market directions, will give the film capacitor industry a new growth momentum and market space; 2. Because thin film capacitors have the advantages of non-polarity, good characteristics, high working frequency and long service life, they are gradually replacing the traditional electrolytic capacitors in many fields.


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