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Problems with Film Capacitors in Operation

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The application of film capacitors has become more and more extensive, and the performance and quality are getting better and better. Are there any problems with film capacitors in operation that we need to pay attention to? The problems of film capacitors can be divided into these types: capacitor failure, problem with pitch, unclear printing, inappropriate size, etc.

The common problems of film capacitors are dealt with in the following situations. When the film capacitor fails, it should not be used, and the same capacitor can be replaced. The problem of pin pitch will affect the plug-in. If the printing is not clear, you will not be able to distinguish the model when using it. The size of the capacitor is related to the use, so we need to check the volume of the capacitor before use to avoid unnecessary problems.

When purchasing, everyone should look for regular and guaranteed manufacturers! If you have technical problems with film capacitors, we will try our best to solve them for you.


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