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Problems in the Use of AC Motor Capacitors

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I. improper selection of current in range

Improper selection of current in the range, resulting in more locations are DC maintenance and simple harmonic vibration part. If the essential current value is larger than the current value allowed by the thin film capacitor, it will form the film capacitance heat effect, long term high temperature operation, cause the film capacitor service life greatly reduced, serious possibly burst and even be the fire burning. In the configuration test, it is allowed to measure the peak current of the actual requirement through an exclusive current probe or another method, and then to adjust the parameters of the capacitor. In the power degradation test, the temperature rise of the thin film capacitor can be measured, and the suitable selection of the film capacitor can be determined according to the temperature rise allowed parameter of the film capacitor.

II. Improper wiring

The key to the improper connection of wire is in the application of multiple parallel circuits with thin film capacitors. Because of the connection method, the line spacing is different, which causes the shunt of each parallel film capacitor to be different in the electronic circuit. In multiple parallel film capacitors, each temperature rise is different. Part of the position of the film capacitor temperature rise is too high, resulting in the destruction of the accident. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct appropriate wiring and connection to the parallel operation of the thin film capacitance, to achieve average as far as possible, to enhance the service life of the film capacitor.


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