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Problems Needing Attention in the use of Ceramic Capacitors

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Ceramic capacitor is one of the most common electronic components. Because of the development of electronic industry, the demand of ceramic capacitor is bigger and bigger. Today's article simply tells us about the use of high-voltage capacitors to pay attention to, let's take a look. In the use of ceramic capacitors we can follow the instructions to operate, such an advantage is to ensure the lifetime of the capacitor.

In the use of ceramic capacitors, attention should be paid to the following problem: 1: 1 high temperature (over the maximum operating temperature) overcurrent (the current exceeds the rated ripple current, if the applied ripple current exceeds the rated value, the ceramic capacitor body will overheat and the capacity will decrease. . Its oxygen properties will deteriorate in the short term until it is damaged and used in circuits that charge and discharge rapidly over and over again. For example, for rapid charging, its service life may be reduced because of capacity decline. A sharp rise in temperature reduces the reverse voltage or AC voltage applied to the DC aluminum electrolytic capacitor. When the DC aluminum electrolytic capacitor is connected to the circuit by reverse polarity, the capacitor will cause a short circuit of the electronic circuit and the resulting current will cause damage to the capacitor. If there is a possibility of applying a positive voltage to the negative lead in the circuit, use a nonpolar capacitor.

The above is the issue that we should pay attention to when using ceramic capacitors. I hope this article will help you.


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