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Preventive measures for Fault of Capacitor (III)

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Fuse CS5F protection for installation of fuses for semiconductor device protection


      Fuse protection shall be provided for each single capacitor, requiring that the rated current of the fuse fuse KB, KU, KS shall not be greater than 1.3 times the rated current of the protected capacitor, so as to avoid the failure of a capacitor, The occurrence of mass explosion accidents due to the failure to remove them in time.


Timely handling of abnormal operating conditions

     In operation, it is found that shunt capacitor has abnormal conditions such as blooming, copper waterproof joint JG-T-M heating, serious oil leakage and so on, so it must be withdrawn from operation. If a serious accident such as oil injection, fire or explosion has occurred, the blackout shall be checked immediately and the cause of the accident shall be solved before the replacement of the new capacitor can continue to operate.


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