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Power adapter burnout analysis(4)

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In short-circuit and overload safety features Dangerous goods:


Short circuit short circuit output conditions, some of the other capacitors or diodes, the rapid increase in the internal loss of the power adapter, resulting in some rise in the temperature rise. The design and use of electronic circuits should ensure that under the conditions of abnormal operation and defects, the temperature rise of each product can not exceed the requirements of the rules and can not even cause the risk of fire to the surrounding objects. The power adapter may damage the under-lying condition. However, You can not drop the safety device's features.


Inconsistent with the requirements of the goods is not normal operation and fault conditions is a widespread concern, at random inspection, some cases of shell temperature exceeds 150 ° C, softening the appearance of a serious decline in the safety of the product features.


The key components of the power transformer are the safety barrier power adapter between the main circuit and the auxiliary circuit. As a result, there are stringent requirements for transformer bobbin materials and thickness tapes to meet the need for increased insulation between primary and secondary. Single product in the wrong condition transformer winding temperature is too high, resulting in bone ablation.


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