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Power adapter burnout analysis(3)

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Under normal operating conditions of heating, does not meet the demand:


The function of the power adapter is to change the voltage demand for some of the power consumption, which is due to the voltage conversion process is lost, by radiation, convection, conduction, three cooling mode of the electric energy is converted into heat energy, some of the thermal energy is about to be allocated To the surrounding environment, self-absorbed heat some of the other, so the power adapter temperature rise. Insulation material method, the internal temperature of the device rises to a certain temperature will lead to agile aging of insulation material, shortened the test of life, and then lead to functional decline in safety. Such a power adapter, the normal operating temperature can only be controlled within a reasonable size to ensure its safety, normal operation.


Power Adapter Under normal operating conditions, when the temperature rises too high is a widespread concern as the leading IT provider Compaq Computer Corporation, announced that the size of the laptop AC adapters, adapters may be due to operating temperature, brief Danger of fire, automatic recovery and replacement of power adapter on.


Supervision and inspection found that some products in normal operating conditions, the product of the printed circuit board and transformer winding temperature is too high, there is a big security risk. As a consumer, should pay close attention to the temperature rise of the product, the simplest method is to use the commodity test shell temperature rise, the condition of the power adapter, the temperature difference between the ambient temperature does not exceed 60 ° C, even in the hot Summer, the ambient temperature reaches 35 ℃, the shell temperature can not exceed 95 ° C, if the temperature rise of the product is too high, we should stop using.


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