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Parameters and classification of capacitors(I)

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Capacitor is an indispensable electronic device in electronic products. It acts as smooth filter of rectifier, decoupling of power supply, bypass of AC signal, AC / DC circuit coupling and so on. Since there are many types and structures of capacitors, we need to understand not only the performance and general characteristics of all types of capacitors, but also the advantages and disadvantages of various components for a given purpose. And mechanical or environmental constraints, etc. The main parameters of the capacitor and its application will be briefly described here.


1. Nominal capacitance (C R). The capacitance value marked by the capacitor product. The capacitance of mica and ceramic dielectric capacitors is lower (about below 5000pF; paper, plastic, and some ceramic dielectric forms) are intermediate (about in 0.005uF~1.0uF; usually electrolytic capacitors have a larger capacity). This is a rough classification.


2.Category temperature range. The ambient temperature range determined by capacitor design for continuous operation. The range depends on the temperature limit of its corresponding category, such as the upper temperature category, the lower limit temperature, the rated temperature (the maximum ambient temperature at which the rated voltage can be continuously applied), and so on.


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