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Motor capacitor working life

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    The single-phase motor is usually started by capacitor and operated mostly by capacitance, which makes the load of inverter no longer a complex of pure resistive load and pure inductive load. But equivalent to a pure resistive load + pure inductive load + equivalent power supply complex!

     For most inverters, the complex of pure resistive load and pure inductive load is taken as the working object, and the load with equivalent feedback power supply (capacitor) is used as the working object. Its power electronic components will encounter the same current shock frequency as the output load power supply frequency, which will greatly shorten the service life and even risk in the event of failure!

     In addition, for the single-phase motor itself, the power supply from the inverter used by the single-phase motor contains a large number of high-order harmonic and DC components, which will accelerate the insulation aging of the motor coil, while the capacitor works under this kind of power supply. The reactive power output of the capacitor is greatly reduced, which also affects the normal operation and stability of the motor. At the same time, the working power supply of capacitor is considered as commercial power supply, and the quality of power supply is good. Under the impact of power supply with a large number of high-order harmonics and DC components, the internal eddy current effect of capacitor will be heated. The equivalent voltage reduction caused by the DC component will seriously affect the working life of the capacitor.


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