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Method of preventing CBB Capacitor Fault(I)

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1.To deal with the abnormal operation condition in time, it is found that the shunt capacitor has abnormal conditions such as blooming, joint heating, serious oil leakage and so on during operating, so it must be withdrawn from operation. For the malignant accidents such as oil injection, fire, explosion and so on, the blackout inspection should be carried out immediately to find out the cause of the accident before the new CBB capacitor can be replaced and operated.

2.The operating voltage of shunt capacitor must be strictly controlled in the allowable range. That is, the long-term operating voltage of shunt capacitor must not be greater than its rated voltage value of 10, the too high operating voltage , will greatly shorten the service life of the capacitor.With the increase of operating voltage, the dielectric loss of shunt capacitor will be increased, which will increase the temperature of CBB capacitor and accelerate the aging speed of CBB capacitor insulation which causes the capacitor insulation premature aging, breakdown and damage. In addition, under the effect of excessive operating voltage, the insulation dielectric inside the CBB capacitor will be partially aged. The higher the voltage is, the faster it ages and the shorter the life will be.


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